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Sa, 28. Juli 2018
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The GADD18 will take place on Saturday 28th July - again at 6pm as last year.

The maximum number of entries will be 250, of which 50+ have been filled since entries opened on 1st February.

The distances are 1k, 3k, 5k & 7k - the latter subject to vetting and application of a strict time limit of 135 mins with the final lap starting no later than 45 mins from the maximum time.


This year we have altered the course slightly to make sure that the distances are correct.

I have attached a picture of the changes.

The distances will only work, if swimmers include the buoy off Garnish Island on every lap.


We will also have a timing system in place, which should be able to give everybody a correct finishing time. I have yet to fine-tune that system but am confident it will work.


The Early Bird entries will remain open until 30th April. The cost of € 25 is the same as it has been from the beginning in 2011.

Between 1st May & 14th July the cost of entries will increase to € 28.

After that the entry fee will be € 35.

On-line entries will close on 26th July at midnight or earlier, if all places have been filled.

Paper entries remain available but will follow the same price structure.